If my frame is damaged, does that mean it is a total loss?

No. A vehicle is only considered a total loss when the repairs exceed the worth of the vehicle. Often times frame damage can be repaired to the original factory state by our trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. In most cases if the frame is damaged beyond repair, it can be replaced.

Can you match my paint color?

In most cases we can match the factory or custom paint on your vehicle. Our experienced paint technicians are very skilled in matching paint colors, and we take pride in our abilities.

Do you only do body and paint?

No. We are a full service repair shop and we can handle it all. If you have any additional questions on the services we offer, please give us a call today!

How can I get a rental car?

Depending on your insurance coverage, we can assist you with a rental car. We can help you find the right car and rental company, and make sure this process is painless as possible.

How will I know when my vehicle is ready?

We always do our best to get you car in and out as quickly as possible. We keep an open line of communication with our clients, and we will inform you as soon as your vehicle is ready.

Is there a warranty on your work?

Yes. All of our work comes with a warranty!